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Repair & Refurbishment
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Repair & Refurbishment

What endears us to our customers is the value that we bring to each product, service and process. Backed by state-of-the-art facilities and managed by a team of qualified and highly skilled professionals, Ingwenya Mineral Tech has an impeccable track record in providing international quality at competitive costs with the assurance of delivery on time, every time.

At Ingwenya Mineral Tech, we offer a range of Repair & Refurbishment services to cater to varied requirements.

IMT / Malvern Wet Magnetic Drum Separators

Ingwenya Mineral Tech offers a full repair and refurbishment service for Magnetic Separators of all makes and types. All mechanical, electrical and fabrication repairs are executed at our factory in Bangalore, where we have a full range of processing equipment. Proven technical expertise, deep insights into the functioning of equipments and high levels of professional service enable our trained technicians to ensure that the magnet regains its original functionality.

Site Evaluation Service

To ensure a complete understanding of the problem with regards Magnetic Separators, competent technicians from Ingwenya Mineral Tech will visit your site to inspect and evaluate the application. Besides enabling the Ingwenya team to recommend the most efficient form of magnetic separation for a particular application, this also facilitates an interactive session to help you derive the best from your equipment.

The Ingwenya team will discuss your present application and needs, including planned changes in the operating system in the event of an upgrade. Subsequently, we will communicate to you shipping advice, and then arrange to have your magnet shipped for inspection.

If the option of rebuild is feasible, our team will carry out a magnet disassembly, parts inspection and engineering evaluation, followed by submission of the technical recommendation and commercial proposal to the customer. Repair activities will commence only after receiving a clearance and job order from the customer.

Good economic sense

Before you decide to buy a new magnet, we would encourage you to do a rethink. In fact, a detailed evaluation and rebuild ensures that the performance of a rebuilt IMT magnet equals that of a new magnet. At Ingwenya Mineral Tech, our experienced team will provide a professional diagnosis of the magnet’s condition and then offer you a pragmatic solution including the feasibility and economics of a rebuild. This not only saves costs, it also ensures that you derive more out your investment – and makes sound economic sense.

In case the existing magnet is beyond repair, or if a rebuild is unviable, our team will offer advice on the magnet best suited for your operation, besides extending attractive incentives.

All this translates into a unique value proposition for customers in terms of engineering excellence, assured quality, prompt delivery and above all, customer delight.

Initiate the process by calling us - and be assured of expert professional attention.

For service enquiry please contact equipment@inmintec.com

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