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Jigging Machines

Jigging Machines for Coal & Minerals are specialty offerings from Ingwenya Mineral Tech – with the IMT Under Bed Pulsated PLC Controlled Jig is entirely manufactured in India and has a number of improved process and mechanical features.

 IMT Modular Jigging Plant

                                       IMT JIG installed at Godawari Power & Ispat Ltd.


The special design of the IMT Under Bed Pulsated PLC Controlled Jig ensures top class performance. Our design includes:

  • Under bed Jigging Air Pulsation System

  • The intermittent supply and exhaust of Jigging Air into the Air Chamber beneath the Jigging Bed is controlled electro - pneumatically through a Piston Valve System

  • The frequency of air intake and exhaust Piston Type Air Valve can be controlled through PLC Programme based on the characteristics of Raw Coal and Mineral Ore.

  • As the feed advances along with the Jig Pulsation of water, it gets stratified in Density Layers.

  • The heavy fraction of the stratified feed material is sensed by  Hydrodynamically designed Float Sensors, which operate in tandem with Ultra-sonic Sensors, and senses the heights of the bed of stratified heavy feed layers at particular cut density.

  • The heavy stratified fractions sensed by the Float Sensors are discharged through electro-hydraulically controlled Discharge Gate System.

  • The IMT Coal Jig provides three options for heavy settled material  discharge – Rotary Valve System, Hydralic operated Discharge Gate System & Dewatering Bucket Elevator.

  • The various features of the Jig are integrated and controlled through PLC and Beneficiation Program developed for specific raw material settling characteristics.

  • The IMT Coal Jig can handle coal of various size fractions - Coarse Fractions like 125 –13mm, 100-13mm, 75-13/0.5mm & 50 -13/0.5mm besides Fines Fractions like 30-0.5mm, 25-0.5mm, 20-0.5mm & 16/13-0.5mm.

  • The IMT Coal Jig capacity ranges from 50 to 1000 TPH and Mineral Jig can handle Iron / Manganese Ore / Slag in Lump and Fines ranging from 20/18-8mm and 8/6-0.3mm respectively with a capacity range of 50 – 500 TPH

  • Specially designed COMBO JIG can handle both lumps & fines fraction.

  • Laboratory Bench scale and Pilot scale Jigs are available.

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