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DEC Flotation

The DEC Flotation column is a high efficiency flotation cell which treats slurry feeds with a wide range of particles sizes and will float up to 1.5 mm (12 Tyler) particles with ease, at high metallurgical efficiency. The DEC Flotation column combines low capital cost and high throughput design with a unique bubble generator to offer the advantages of low power and water usage whilst acting as both a Rougher and a Scavenger in one compact unit.

The design is anti-choking and provides a simple restart after a power or plant outage. DEC Flotation column is the smart way to float coal, phosphate, iron ore and other minerals, efficiently and economically.

DEC Flotation columns perform well in recovering phosphate in normal phosphate beneficiation plants, and can also be used in secondary recovery operations to produce low cost saleable phosphate from tailings dumps and tailings ponds.

DEC Flotation columns are effective in reducing silica, magnesium (dolomite), aluminium and iron content of phosphate ores and offer a way to upgrade low grade phosphate ore to saleable high grade phosphate rock suitable for phosphoric acid manufacture.

DEC Flotation columns have been proven to reduce the silica content of iron ore, to below 3% %, whilst improving the iron ore grade from 58-61% to 64-66%, so that high silica iron ores can be upgraded to produce saleable iron ore.

DEC Flotation columns are very effective in coal processing and typically will reduce ash contents of 20-45% ash to below 10%. DEC Flotation columns have been proven in the treatment of both mined coal and in secondary recovery plants, where saleable coal can be produced at low cost.

DEC - High Efficiency Flotation offers many advantages over mechanical and other column flotation cells.  

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