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Magnetic Separators
Ingwenya Mineral Tech offers high performance and reliable Magnetic Separators for the mineral recovery sector. We manufacture Magnetic Separators at our plants in India in line with design and quality standards specified by Malvern Engineering Works, South Africa.

Malvern Engineering Works, established way back in 1947, has an impressive track record in offering products and services to the South African mining industry and enjoys a large market share in the area of Low Intensity Magnetic Separators.

Wet Low Intensity Magnetic Separator

The Wet Drum Magnetic Separator is a low intensity separator used in the recovery of magnetic susceptible material from non-magnetic susceptible material - primarily Magnetite and Ferrosilicon - in dense media applications. The unit is most effective in a Primary application with high throughput and recovery.

Wet Drum Separators find use in a wide variety of applications like magnetic media recovery, purification of solids carried in liquid suspension and iron ore concentration.

We offer two types of Magnetic Separators based on the nature of magnetic circuit. They are:

Interpole: This design offers the magnetic circuit in an axial interpole configuration with alternating polarity and helps in obtaining a clean magnetic concentrate. The Interpole Magnetic Separator is available in drum diameters of 380, 610, 760, 915 & 1220mm and in widths ranging from 305mm to 3050mm, in increments of 305mm.

Maltipole: This design has magnets arranged in a radial circuit and offers very high flux concentrations. Ideal for heavy media recovery applications, these drums are usually 915mm in diameter and are available in widths ranging from 305mm to 3050mm in increments of 305mm.

The Maltipole circuit offers several advantages:

  •   Higher capacities for smaller units

  •   Lower capital expenditure for new installations

  •   Available in options like Direct drive, Chain drive and V-belt drive

  •   In most cases only a primary unit is required with no secondary unit, resulting in further reduction in capital and operational costs

  •   Higher concentrate densities are achieved

  •   Handles much higher magnetic as well as non-magnetic loading in the feed

  •   Stronger magnetic field and higher gradient than conventional Interpole types

  •   Secondary magnetic separators can be removed in old plants if Maltipole is installed in Primary application

  •   Enables circuit simplification with consequent reduction in capital and operating costs of the dilute medium circuit

  •   Higher efficiencies

  •   Can recover magnetic particles from slurries with very low concentration

  •   Wear wrap can be fitted for increased drum assembly life

  •   Tank drum position can be easily adjusted horizontally and vertically during operation

  •   Tank has revolutionary counterweight orifice design for easy operation and reduced magnetic losses

  •   Contains large arc magnet (135 degrees) for increased efficiency

  •   Life guarantee for Magnet provided extreme temperatures are avoided

  •   Drum assembly can be lubricated while in operation

  •   Removable trash screen for enhanced drum protection. 

    We also offer different types of Magnetic Separators based on the nature of Tank Style. They are:

  •   Concurrent style tank

  •   Counter Rotation style tank

  •   Counter Current style tank

    Ingwenya Mineral Tech can also provide customized solutions to meet specific requirements of your application. Please get in touch with us for expert opinion and professional advice form our experienced application engineers.

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